Apart from the cooperation within maternal lab of Ewelina Knapska (Laboratory of Emotions’ Neurobiology) we conduct following joint research:

Search of the sources of brain cognitive activity (Symfonia 4 NCN grant) prof. W. Duch, dr T. Piotrowski, dr J. Dreszer (Dept of Informatics, Nicolaus Copernicus University) dr T. Wolak, dr J. Rogala  (Bioimaging Research Center, Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing) – analysis of human EEG and fMRI.

Attention and cognitive control correlates for the effective EEG-neurofeedback aided by virtual reality
dr J. Rogala, prof. A. Wróbel (Neuroinformatics Laboratory (homepage), Nencki Institute).

Cortico-thalamic mechanisms in sensory processing. dr Marek Bekisz (Laboratory of Neuromuscular Plasticity (homepage)) – in vitro investigation of cortico-thalamic and thalamo-cortical synapses in wild typ animal and in genetic model of ASD.

Neuroengineering, biotechnology, dr P. Hottowy (Dept Physics, AGH University of Science and Technology) – development and testing ASIC chips for neuronal data recording. Dr. F Pierini, Dr C. Rinolti (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAS) and Dr. R. Czajkowski (Nencki Institute) – testing of bio-compatible materials for electrophysiology.

prof. Daniel Wójcik (Neuroinformatics Laboratory (homepage) of Nencki Institute) – analysis of electrophysiological signals.

Restoration of visual functions
dr. Andrzej Foik (Ophthalmic Biology Laboratory (homepage), International Center for Translational Eye Research, ICTER) – electrophysiological monitoring of information processing in visual system, visual training and genetic tools for vision improvement.